Glyncoch Community Centre - Company Profile

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3) Activities:

Glyncoch Community Centre is a constituted ‘not for profit organisation based in a Communities First area and sited within a large local authority housing estate. The organisation is undertaking a period of organisational development and is about to become a full member of the Development Trust Association, a company limited by guarantee and a charity. The Glyncoch Community Centre subscribes to a holistic model of regeneration and recognizes that social, economic, health and environmental needs are interrelated and aims to:

  • Provide and/or facilitate social, cultural and educational activities
  • Address issues of poverty trap and social exclusion
  • Improve the quality of life of residents
  • Challenge the perception of life on Glyncoch
  • Support, inform, facilitate and fully involve all residents and community groups Improve local service delivery
  • Support, inform, facilitate and fully involve all residents, community groups and businesses active within the Ynysybwl and Coed Y Cwm communities with the regeneration development of the area
  • Provide a facility that is user friendly and accessible by all for the purposes of meetings, work shops, training, information displays, consultation and participatory appraisals to benefit the community as a whole

A further main activity is the physical redevelopment of the Centre itself and adjoining land. This is currently underway and will entail a £1.7m rebuild and the creation of a village ‘heart’ with a series of state of the art sustainable community buildings, play facilities and open space. The redevelopment will:
? feature a multi-use building housing facilities including lettable business/office units; meeting facilities; training rooms; family support facilities; IT facilities; community café; social space for young people; six 500 sq ft units for businesses/social enterprises; the local library; and space for service providers including Communities First and Sure Start.

  • Drive forward the regeneration of Glyncoch by giving opportunities for residents and neighbouring communities to gain access to: employment opportunities (direct and indirect); business/social enterprise opportunities and sustainable skills training and realising capacity.
  • Create a safer social environment by engaging the community.
  • Address the wide ranging issue of social inclusion.
  • Encourage a learning culture.
  • Encourage enterprise within the community.
  • Aim to contribute to reducing economic inactivity through extending access to learning and tackle training needs of the community; equip community members with the skills to shape the future of their community; promote social enterprise and the social economy, and stimulate business enterprise; provide a central community resource, including childcare support and community meeting facilities.

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5) Assets owned:
The Glyncoch Community Centre is managed by the Committee but belongs to RCT. The land which the centre is built on and surrounding land will be transferred to the Committee when funding for the redevelopment of the centre is finalised. Thereon ownership of the building itself will be negotiated but it is envisaged this will take the form of a long-term lease.

All equipment within the Centre is owned by the Organisation.

6) Key partners:
Glyncoch Communities First, Pontypridd and District Housing Association, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Groundwork, local housing organisations, Police, Local sports organisations, Local schools, Library Service

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8) Awards won:

Interlink RCT Volunteers of the Year Award 2006